Bring Back Bulk Uplifts


Glasgow's Conservative Councillors are calling on the SNP-run Glasgow City Council to bring back Glasgow's bulk uplift service and to take an aggressive stance against flytipping. 

The service was suspended in March due to staffing issues following the outbreak of COVID-19 but now 5 months later there is still no sign of the service returning. Meanwhile, people across Glasgow have seen their streets littered with flytipping while the Council turn a blind eye. 

In many places which used to receive a regular bulk uplift service, there is now bulk uplift stuck in back greens and in front gardens. 

We need to provide a responsible avenue for disposing of waste as not everyone can get their bulk waste to a recycling centre. This is why the Glasgow Conservatives are calling for a return of bulk uplifts. 

We also believe that the Council's plan to charge for bulk uplifts should be scrapped - if the last few months have shown us anything, it is that the bulk uplift service is needed to keep Glasgow's streets clean. 

People across Glasgow of all parties and none want to see action on flytipping and a return of the bulk uplift service. 


Sign our petition if you agree that:


  • Glasgow City Council's bulk uplift service must restart ASAP. 
  • The SNP-run Council must scrap its plan to charge for bulk uplifts. 
  • Glasgow City Council needs to take a tougher approach to flytipping - ensuring those who carry it out are punished. 



Bring Back Bulk Uplifts

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